'Scrubs' Creator Bill Lawrence On 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence joins Zach Braff and Donald Faison on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends to talk about their favorite pratfalls and stunts, how great Amy Smart is as “Tasty Coma Wife,” the amphibious ATV Kanye West just bought for 2 Chainz, the many times John C. McGinley took his shirt off in the show when it wasn’t in the script (and the one time it was), why farts always sound like they’re asking a question, the underrated Medieval Times episode, how the 2008 writers’ strike affected the show, the most expensive joke of the series (“We could have bought a small house for someone to live in,” Bill says), and superfan Noor calls in from India and charms the heck out of everyone. And Donald’s wife, CaCee Cobb, even makes a surprise appearance and says she would definitely wife-swap with Bill simply for access to a pool. 

Bill remembers the network saying that it wasn't tasteful to call Amy Smart’s character “Tasty Coma Wife," but when Zach complains about studios getting too involved, Bill says it’s actually a good thing. “When a show does well, it’s exciting to give your two cents….As producers, you make the choice: Well, do we want everyone to feel pride of ownership? Or get jerky and go, ‘Now that we have leverage, we don’t have to listen to anything you say,’ which I think is counterproductive.” He points out that because the studio felt involved, the show benefitted; Disney rented a huge stage for them to rehearse the musical episode on, and even hosted a huge screening of it afterward. “I think you have to find that fine line of standing up for what you care about creatively….but why not let them feel pride of ownership if they’re working their butts off?” he says. 

This particular episode of the show was mostly about Zach’s character, J.D., feeling lonely: All his friends and fellow doctors are in committed relationships, and he isn’t, so when Tasty Coma Wife starts hitting on him, he’s sorely tempted. Donald says he’s glad J.D. didn’t act on it, because it would have made him a villain: “This woman has a husband who’s not in the ground yet….she needs to handle that first,” but she “shows weakness, and J.D. almost pounces on it!” Zach wonders if a certain percentage of the audience wouldn’t mind if he hooked up with T.C.W., and Bill says he loves the argument because the writers had the same conversation when coming up with the episode. Then they talk to Noor about mugs, cats, the zipline episode that Zach directed, sustainable farming, and whether Donald wishes his character had been single a little longer despite his amazing chemistry with Judy Reyes; hear the entire hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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Photo: Getty Images