Ryan Reynolds Probably Won’t Be A Guest on ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison talk about their careers and how lucky they were to find success as actors, what it takes to be a great guest star on a show like Scrubs, the time Donald embarrassed himself in front of Ryan Reynolds, the return of rollerblading, Donald’s homemade pizza and fried chicken, the greatness of hip-hop music videos from the 1990s (especially Hype Williams), how addicting a catchphrase can be, and their favorite euphemisms for bathroom activities; then they talk with a fan named James, who sent emails for weeks to be on the show so he could tell Zach and Donald that watching Scrubs pulled him out of a deep depression.

Zach expresses some sympathy for Donald’s kids doing virtual homeschooling, wondering how they’re getting along without socializing with friends, but Donald says his kids are into it, and they get frequent breaks to stretch their legs and clear their heads. But when Zach predicts that his kids will both become actors, Donald says he almost hopes they don’t, because of all the rejection and constant hustling it comes with. “Anybody can be an actor, but do you have the stamina to keep it up? To hear ‘No’ more than you’ve ever heard it in your life? And then when you hear ‘Yes,’ to do what’s necessary to maintain?” Donald wonders. Zach agrees, comparing acting success with winning the lottery: “If you’re a great actor, you’ve got a lot of lottery tickets. If you’re good looking, you have a lot of lottery tickets. If you’re both, you have even more lottery tickets. But it’s still a f**king lottery!” They both feel “very lucky to have our numbers called,” Donald adds.  

When James calls in, they talk about “Dr. Acula,” whether the Janitor and J.D. ever became friends, potty-training James’s toddler, and if they could convince Ryan Reynolds to be a guest on the podcast – an idea quickly scotched by Donald, who unfortunately is sure Ryan would never agree because of the time Donald saw him at a party and “humped his leg like a dog.” It was a beautiful dream while it lasted, though. They also get into “terrible coffee acting,” laugh about old sandwiches Donald’s eaten that he still dreams about, and wonder if Jaleel White can charge more for an appearance if they want him to say the catchphrase; hear all the hilarity on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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Photo: Getty Images