Woman Shot While Trying To Steal Nazi Flag From Oklahoma Man's Home

A late-night dare left a 26-year-old woman in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. The woman was at a party in Hunter, Oklahoma, when a friend dared her to steal a Nazi flag from a house across the street.

The woman managed to grab the flag, but as she was returning to the party, the homeowner started shooting at her with a rifle. The woman was shot multiple times in the back but managed to survive. She was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover.

Police arrested the homeowner, identified as Alexander John Feaster, 44, and charged him with assault and battery with a deadly weapon and shooting with intent to kill.

Neighbors told KFOR that Feaster had been flying the Nazi flags for about year. They said he kept to himself and never really caused any issues in the neighborhood.

"It's never really been a problem. His flags got stolen a couple times when he first put them out, but nothing ever came of it. This is the first time it's ever come to violence," the neighbor said. "He's been out mowing neighbors yards and just smiling and waving at everyone."

Photo: Garfield County Sheriff's Office