Husband-and-Wife Murder Suspects Captured in Arizona

U.S. Marshals: Fugitives Blane and Susan Barksdale arrested

U.S. Marshals: Fugitives Blane and Susan Barksdale arrested

A husband-and-wife who overpowered two guards and stole a prison transport van in Utah and escaped into rural Arizona, have been arrested, the U.S. Marshal's Service announced on Thursday.

Authorities had been searching for Blane Barksdale, 56, and his wife, Susan, 59, ever since they escaped on Aug. 26 while they were being transported between New York state and Tuscon. At one point during the trip in Utah, the Barksdales faked a medical emergency while riding in the van. The couple managed to overpower the guards, tied them up, and put them in the back of the van, along with a third prisoner who was not involved in the prison break. The pair eventually abandoned the prison van, with the guards and the third prisoner in Apache County, officials said.

On Monday, Blane Barksdale was placed on the U.S. Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted List, with a $25,000 reward for any information that led to his capture. A separate reward of $10,000 was offered for information leading to the capture of Susan Barksdale. Another $5,000 was offered for any information on a red GMC Sierra truck with Arizona licence plates that the fugitive couple were last seen driving.

The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office assisted the US Marshall’s Service in capturing the fugitives, authorities said.

The pair were wanted in connection with the murder of a 72-year-old man in Tucson. Details on how the Barksdales were spotted and arrested were not released, but authorities plan to hold a press conference on Thursday where U.S. Marshals will explain more.

Photos: Tuscon Police Department