Suspect Catches on Fire While Trying to Steal Gas From U-Haul Truck

U haul van catches on fire after suspect tries stealing gas

Police in Oregon are looking for a few hot tips for a suspect who burst into flames while he was trying to siphon gas from a U-Haul, Monday morning. 

Surveillance video caught the would-be thief in action as he attempted to siphon gas out of a U-Haul box truck. Firefighters called to the scene beneath the Morrison Bridge found a van and the box truck fully engulfed in flames, which crews quickly extinguished. 

Video showed that the man pulled up next to the box truck in his van and hooked up what looked like a homemade siphoning hose to the moving truck, Portland Fire & Rescue spokesperson Lt. Rich Chatman told Oregon Live.


The man dragged the hose into his van and attempted to put the stolen gasoline into a canister. Soon after, a fire can be seen erupting inside the van.

"All you see is fire ignite and then you see this guy run away with the lower half of his body in flames," Chatman said of security video that recorded the incident. 

The man fled down the street with his pants in flames, eventually shedding them. 

Unfortunately, authorities haven't been able to track down the suspect yet, but are confident that they'll find him. 

“We assume he’ll probably be needing some kind of medical care for those burns,” Chatman said, according to a report from KOIN.

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing. 


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