Store Owner Grateful After Couple Returned Bag With $25,000 In Cash


A convenience store owner in Georgia is grateful after an honest couple returned a bag with around $25,000 in cash that he planned to deposit in the bank. Gautambhai Patel was driving home when he pulled over to take a phone call. After his phone call, he drove off but did not realize he left the bag of cash on the top of his car, a mistake he did not notice he'd made until he returned home. 

He called the police, who said they would do their best to track down the missing cash. Luckily, a few hours later, Jeff and Mechelle Green showed up at the Rincon Police Department with the deposit bag still filled with cash. 

"The family is a good family," Patel told ABC News. "They have a good culture. He's honest. He did not take anything from the bag. That's a good guy."

The department shared the feel-good story on Facebook, thanking the Greens for doing the right thing and returning the cash. Officials told WRIC that not only is returning the money the moral thing to do, it is also the law, explaining that "if you find property that is not yours and do not attempt to find the owner, it is called Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property."



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