Police Arrest Man They Believe Was Planning Mass Shooting

Matthew Smith, 37

Police say they stopped a man who was planning a mass shooting at a manufacturing plant in Springfield, Kentucky after they received a tip about a suspicious vehicle. When officers approached the truck of 37-year-old Matthew Smith, he flashed a handgun at them, sparking a brief physical confrontation. 

After Smith was detained, officers searched his truck. where they found eight guns, including an AR-15 which he had modified to be fully automatic. 

Smith told police that he was waiting for a woman that he believed was being trafficked and brought enough guns to "get the job done." Officials said that Smith had studied the layout of the building and had a detailed plan to get in and out of the building. 

"He just made factual statements to us that indicated that he was going to go into this building and cause major damage," Springfield Police Chief Jim Smith said.

Smith was charged with wanton endangerment, resisting arrest, attempted murder, and criminal trespassing.

Chief Smith praised the person who called in the tip, saying that it likely stopped a major tragedy from occurring. 

"If people see something, they need to say something, right then. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. That's what prevented this, in our opinion," Smith said. 

Photo: Marion County Detention Center


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