Chicago Hospital Shooting Was Result Of 'Broken Engagement'


A police officer, a doctor, a hospital worker, and the suspected gunman were all killed following a shooting at Mercy Hospital in Chicago on Monday (November 19) that was reportedly caused by a "broken engagement." Authorities said that 32-year-old Juan Lopez got into a confrontation with his ex-fiancee, Dr. Tamara O'Neal, outside of the hospital and demanded that she return the engagement ring he had given. She told him she did not have it and when she began to call the police, Lopez shot her multiple times. 

Lopez then entered the lobby of the hospital where he got into a shootout with police officers. 28-year-old Officer Samuel Jimenez was shot and killed along with 25-year-old hospital employee Dayna Less, who had just stepped out of the elevator. Lopez was also killed, but authorities have not said whether he was shot by police or if he took his own life. 

"Those officers who responded today saved a lot of lives because this guy was shooting that poor woman who had got off an elevator. Had nothing to do with nothing and he shot her. There's no doubt in my mind that all those officers who responded saved a lot of lives because we just don't know how much damage he was prepared to do," said Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.


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